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Top five profession in Adelaide to adopt

Top five profession in Adelaide to adopt

Finding or looking for a good job that has significant salary and status in Adelaide is a herculean task. As per a survey, there are still many jobs that are high paying and earn greatly. Few of them require only technical skills and knowledge. There are certifications that help you in getting to learn the skills in a short period of time. There are new jobs opening in Adelaide, but these are the top of the list. For long term survival, you can rely on any of them.

Here are the top five job requirements with job descriptions.

  1. Cashiers
  2. Tax calculation
  3. Store managers
  4. Hair Stylist part-time
  5. Social Worker


In Adelaide, brands and businesses are looking for cashiers, loyal, and smart personalities. So, it is a good job for youngsters and middle aged people who have an accounting background. Mostly they are working in malls and stores in Australia. Cahiers are needed in all the places, either it is interior, retail, banks, technology, or entertainment business. What skills are required to become a cashier, here is the list;

  1. Communication skills are necessary for a cashier. Either it is verbal or written, a cashier is always in contact with someone.
  2. Motivated persons that are willing to work in front of the customers. And they must be able to work under the supervision of the accountants.
  3. Point of sales experience, cash handling, and efficient handling of customers is also necessary for this job.
  4. A cashier is also familiar with customer complaints, time base customer handling, and quick resolving of the issue is mandatory.

If you have such abilities and skills, then you are able to become a cashier.

Tax calculation services:

Calculation of tax is another important job in Adelaide, so if you have an accounting background, you can be a tax accountant. There are sufficient tax accountants in Adelaide; they are efficient and skilled. No, doubt it is a small task but requires special skills. So, you can acquire a tax accountant in Adelaide who is skillful and fully aware of the tax laws. Here is the list of skills that tax accountants should have in the market.

  1. Accounting background
  2. Awareness of tax calculation
  3. Certification and license for your firm
  4. A registered firm

Store Manager:

Due to a large number of stores in Adelaide, the demand for store managers has increased in the last few years. But it requires a few extra skills; these might be learning from the environment. There is no special education required. Store managers are earning more than $60,000 per annum. Here are the skills required for the store manager in Adelaide.

  1. You should be aware of how to run a store and its basics.
  2. How to achieve targets and escalate the sales?
  3. How to serve the customers and satisfy them?
  4. How to take payments and record the entries?
  5. How to work with supervisors, cashiers, helpers, and loaders?
  6. How to record and assure the availability of the stock?

Hairstylists part-time or full time:

Every smart person needs a haircut, either is a stylist or a simple one. So, you can learn this skill and start work at any barbershop or a saloon. This will generate a few dollars for you on a daily basis. Most of the time, you can do this work part-time and carry with the studies. In addition to this, you can also join this as a full-time profession. However, it is a good profession and a stylish way to earn sufficient amounts of money to regularize your income.

  1. You need training for this,
  2. Stylist thinking
  3. You should be aware of the gadgets and machines and their use in cutting
  4. Great care and communications skills
  5. An authority license and certificate of completion of hair cutting course.

Social worker job

It is a good and mobilized job, you have to travel a lot, and you should love to travel. In addition to this, your cam earns a lot through this. This is a sensitive job and needs communication skills. In addition to this, the AASW recognized qualification is required. Most of the NGOs are seeking experienced social workers. You can even join as a part-time or full-time carrier.

These are the top most quality and high paying jobs in Adelaide, and you can join any of them.

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