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Some crucial things to carry with you for umrah

Some crucial things to carry with you for umrah

Umrah is the essential prayer in Islam, and it is also known as minor Hajj. After Hajj, Umrah removes sin, and it is the best journey and the  holy journey. Umrah is not equal to the Hajj, but it is superior and preferable to other prayers. For Umrah, Muslims reach Makkah and Medina every year. Almost 1.8 billion Muslims reach this site and perform the Umrah.

From all places in the world, people come there and perform religious activities. A large number of diversity is found there, and this is only because of the Umrah packages being offered by the agencies. People from Russia, Asia, the US, UK, and China came there and it is very difficult for them to manage the huge expense of traveling and stay there for at least a few days. There are hotels that are included in your packages, and you stay in them. There are a huge number of hotels, from the small single start to seven-star hotels. Here is the step by step procedure that every UK resident should follow for the Umrah journey.

Find a suitable agency for Visa and other affairs:

First step is to find the all-inclusive Umrah packages from UK and opt for the best one for you. In packages decide the following things,

  1. Duration of Umrah
  2. Hotel for Umrah
  3. Distance of hotel form the Mosques
  4. Number of nights and days
  5. Number of persons that are going, either it is individual or a group/family

No one is allowed to enter in the Saudi Arabia, alone or directly. You have to get an agent and they will provide you the Visa, tickets, residency, transportation, and other things. As this is a long journey and Muslims have to follow the defined rules for this. So, make sure to bring all the mandatory and essential things with you. If you forget to carry the important things, then either you have to purchase for them against huge money, or you will feel discomfort in this trip. Below is the checklist of things that should be carried or done by you before starting the journey.

Here is the list, bring it and tick it once completed:

Rules for the performance of the Umrah should be known to you clearly. All the Arabic dua’s and recited chapters should be learned by you. These duas are recited at different locations and events during the Umrah. So, it is advised to learn them by heart.

Next to this, catch the right agent:

Obtain as much as details you need; this should be known to you. These are the following;

  1. Name of the plane and airport
  2. Arrival time
  3. Dates of the flight with tickets snapshots
  4. Name of the hotels, that agency have booked in Makkah and Madinah
  5. Transportation and other relevant stuff

All this information is provided to you by the agency, and you should note down or save or remember them. In addition to this, one should keep safe an extra copy of all the documents. It is recommended to carry a bag that holds a copy of Visa, ID card, tickets, and other important things.

Use of Ihram:

The use of Ihram needs great care and following of the rules. There is a different dress for men and women. Moreover, there are separate rules to tie them. Either you are a man or woman, you should have knowledge about this. If you fail to tie it properly, your Umrah would not be acceptable. Add to this; there are a few tasks that are strictly prohibited when you have dressed the Ihram.

Medical status report:

Before entering into Saudi Arabia or getting a Visa, you have to submit a medical report. This is mandatory before traveling to Saudia. It is noted here; this is not the legal requirement of the Visa. But it is checked at the airport. Without having a certificate of vaccination, one could be unable to perform the Umrah.

Packing for the Umrah:

Here is the list of things that you should carry with you; An umbrella, towel, clock, nail cutter, sim card, mobile phone, Bag, documents, comb, shoes, socks, and prayer mat. These are helpful things and make your journey comfortable. Before arrival, you should check the list carefully and don’t forget to carry anything.






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