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Visa consultants in Lahore- For your study in UK

Visa consultants in Lahore- For your study in UK

The UK is a well-developed country, the majority of Asians, Indians and other underdeveloped countries people wish to visit the UK. These are not limited to the visit only; all the students also love to get admission in UK universities. Majority of the students are from Pakistan and India. In order to achieve this goal in Pakistan, many visa consultants are offering their services. Visa consultants in Lahore provide services in getting the Visa for all the countries. This is because many countries don’t allow direct entry in their country.

Here is the process of getting a UK visa from the consultants in Lahore

This is an application that is submitted online; it has a series of step by step processes in the application. After submitting an online application for the Visa or immigration, one needs to wait for the next appointment. This appointment is booked online and the user paid for the Visa. After completing this online application, one needs to visit the VAF office. He should carry all the documents and printed visa application. Make sure to bring the supporting documents with the application. It is also advised to consult with any of the expert lawyers who have expertise in immigration to the UK. This is because incomplete applications are not accepted in any case, and this consultancy provides the safe points for the approval of the Visa.

Essential documents for the Visa – here is the list

It is important to know about the requirements of the documents and bank statement. These are two things that are essential almost for all the countries except a few ones.  For a UK Visa there are certain essential requirements and few sort of documents are also necessary.

  1. Applicant passport
  2. Two photographs, essentially passport size

These are the two basic requirements. These are essential by the government of the UK. There are different requirements, differ for the families, individuals, visits, transits and immigration. So, the affix list is not possible, even they can ask for the desired document as per the latest policies. Moreover, they may ask for the evidence, say education or financial evidence. In order to get rid of all these complexities, you can get a visa consultant in Lahore. For the job holders, salary slips and other documents may be asked.

Most of the time, this process is done by the lawyers, and it may be rejected in any case too.

Do you have any idea about the visa cost? Here is advise

Original price has increased in the last few years. Add to this, the currency of the UK is a pound, and they charge in pounds. That’s why it looks higher to the other countries because of currency differences. Furthermore, they might change the prices as per their rules. Here is the list of visas that is allowed for the nation of Pakistan.

  1. Visa for standard visitors
  2. Business visit visa
  3. Event or special visit visa
  4. Official visit visa for diplomats
  5. Asylum visa
  6. Transit visa
  7. Family visa
  8. Immigration

Time required for the visa approval

There is no specific time; it varies with the years and their policies. At peak and rush orders, it might require more time. On the other hand, for normal and un-usual days, less time is required for the approval of the Visa. Add to this; it also depends upon the case or documents created by the visa consultant in Lahore. Clear, and explicit forms/documents and cases are approved earlier. However, complex cases require few extra time for verifications and other processes. Visiting Visa for less than six months requires no more than ten days, and the same is the case with business visits. Moreover, for the families visiting six months for less than six months, it could be approved in less than ten days. However, EEA family permits require 30 days to be approved.

All this could be done just after the approval of the Visa. There is a problem tracking UK visas. They don’t provide any facility to track the Visa. Everyone has to wait for the response either by the UK high commission or the VAF offices. So, you need a visa consultant that provides you up to the mark suggestions and solutions at every point. Moreover, they submit your fee and documents on your behalf.






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