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A valuable umrah guide you should read before traveling

A valuable umrah guide you should read before traveling

and aftCongratulations! You are going to perform Umrah this here, and you have got a cheap Umrah package for your family. This pleasure event in the life of Muslims brings satisfaction and nearness to Allah. It is considered as the Minor Hajj, that is obligatory for Muslims at least once in their life. People from every corner of the world come to Saudi Arabia and perform the Umrah any time in the year. Umrah could be done at any time in the 12 months except the days of the Hajj. These are the days restricted and assigned to the Hajj activities. There are many tasks that overlap in Hajj and Umrah. Both religious obligations are done with the intention to remove the sins.

Sunnah of Holy Prophet

Performing Umrah is the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW), so all the Muslims love to perform this, once or a couple of times in life. This religious journey requires an Umrah package; most of the time, it is an all-inclusive Umrah package. It comprises facilities, from traveling to the departure and return to the home. So, there is no direct entry possible in Saudi Arabia for the Umrah; everyone needs a package. Congratulations, if you have gotten a cheap Umrah package from the UK, and may Allah accept this in his eye.

Rituals of Umrah:

There are four rituals of Umrah; these are the following;

  1. Ihram
  2. Tawaf
  3. Saee between Safa and Marwa
  4. Tahal-lul

After getting the right packages, you should be aware of the above-mentioned things. These are the basic rituals for every Umrah performer. You can get the Ihram from the market before traveling, and there is a specific method of dressing the Ihram. Every male and female has to follow that defined method for the Ihram. So, getting Ihram is another paramount thing that you need. In addition to this, when you reach Kaaba Sharif, you have to dress the Ihram before the arrival of Mekat. After dressing, one can enter the boundaries of the Umrah with the intention of the Umrah. Everyone wears Ihram and Umrah is only possible in Ihram, there are different kinds of Ihram for the males and females.

These are also called pillars of Umrah.

After Tawaf process:

After Tawaf-e-Kabba, a visit to the point of Ibrahim is mandatory fter that, the process of Saee started. In Saee, there are seven rounds between Safa and Marwa place. This is a physical exercise, and youngsters can perform very well. In addition to this, there are wheelchairs for the paralyzed and old age persons.  If someone is not able to walk, he/she can get the other facilities like wheelchairs. So, it’s a tough job for the weak person.

After Saee Process:

After Saee, all the major tasks have been done except the Tahal-lul. In this, the cutting of hairs is done, and your Umrah is completed. You can undress the Ihram, and there is no religious restriction on you. Now your sins are removed, and you have done. All these steps are done one by one, and you can perform in a sequence. So, before traveling to Umrah, these steps help in getting aware of the things.

Checklist for cheap Umrah packages:

There are a few things that you might need while traveling at any time. For this, a bag that contains these things is carried. You can place the following things with you and save time.

  • Your visa and tickets copies, these are very important and needed at any time for the security purpose.
  • Name of the hotel and reservation card, you have reserved a room or a hotel in Makkah and Madina, you should carry this all the time with you. It shows the hotel name and address too for the transportation.
  • In addition to this, there are few daily use things; these are mandatory for the Umrah. These are things like towel, toothbrush, comb, copy of Visa, hotel name, Ihram, nail cutter and etc.
  • If you are used to using medicine, then carry the essential medicines with the prescription of the doctor. Otherwise, you are not allowed to carry with you.
  • Certificate of the vaccination is not mandatory at the time of the Visa, but it might be checked at the airport or any other time in Saudi Arabia. So, you should carry it during transportation and traveling in Saudi.

This traveling guide will help you during the journey and reduce the frustration. Keeping all these things and following the guide make you confident and well aware of the rituals of the Umrah.








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