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Follow this easy guideline to attain cheap umrah packages

Follow this easy guideline to attain cheap umrah packages

Umrah is a beautiful and religious journey of a Muslim. It is Sunnah and performed in the Islamic way. There are four rituals that Muslims perform there and remove their sins. It is a strong belief of Muslims that they can remove their sins by performing Umrah at least once in life. First of all there is no specific time of Umrah; any Muslim can perform at any time, except for a few days. These are the days that are specific for the Hajj. It is also considered as minor Hajj, and if someone is unable to afford the Hajj, he/she can perform a similar task in Umrah. Mainly it includes these four rituals;


  1. Tawaf-e-Kabba
  2. Saee between Saffa and Marwa
  3. Dressing of Ihram
  4. Cutting of hairs


There are few things prohibited in Umrah if anyone who is performing umrah has done so his Umrah would not be accepted. So, it is mandatory for everyone to get essential and basic training for the Umrah, and he/she would be well familiar with the dressing of Ihram. So, before travelling to the Umrah, the following guidelines should be remember:

Performing Umrah is an important task for the Muslims. There are a series of tasks that people are performing there. These tasks comprise the wearing of Ihram and other activities.


Guidelines for the Umrah:

After getting services of cheap Umrah packages, you can get the visa and return tickets for the Umrah. Here a few things should be noticed. These are the time duration, stay nights and days in Makkah and Madina. In addition to this, transportation, taxis, individual and group sharing of the rooms. So, different Umrah packages have different facilities. Furthermore, the distance of the hotel from the mosques also matters. However, there are Umrah packages that offer five star, seven-star and full luxury apartments for you. Add to this, depending upon the budget you can also get a hotel in a clock tower that is quite near the Kaaba Sharif.


Next step is a remembrance of the pillars of Umrah:

So, it is already discussed to know about the basic rituals of the Umrah; dressing of Ihram, Tawaf, Saee and Tahul-lul. Knowing before performing the Umrah is recommended and advised. In addition to this, there are few prayers that you need to remember; these are defined in Islam. These are the basic pillars, every Muslim should know about them, and these are studied in their schools at the primary level of education.


Wearing of Ihram is different for the men and women:

It is a white cloth that everyone has to wear, in a specific area around the Makkah. It is mandatory; without this, Umrah is not accepted. There are two human species, males and females. Fortunately, in Islam, both have different methods of wearing pieces of clothes. There are two pieces for the men, and these are not stitched. There is no button, and these are folded around the body in a defined way. Similarly, there is a different method for the women and a different number of clothes pieces. It is losing and free, without any tight-fitting. It covers the whole body of the women; it could be white or dark in colour. And the hands and the face of the women are always uncovered.


After wearing process:

After wearing the Ihram, you can perform the Umrah, it starts from the Tawaf and leads to the Saee. In the end, cutting of hair is performed. In this way, Umrah gets completed. Once you have done one Umrah and you want to perform another Umrah, you can do this. But there are few limitations, one has to cover a specific distance after one Umrah, or you can reach to the Mosque of Ayesha for the re-dressing of Ihram. Add to this; one has to reach out of the area of Mekat for the re-dressing of Ihram. So, every Umrah needs the dressing of Ihram, and one has to dress it outside of the Mekat.


So, these are the basic guidelines for an Umrah, and one should follow these rules strictly. Performing these tasks with great care and good intention can lead to the removal of the sins. Muslims get inner satisfaction and feel satisfied after performing the Umrah. If you are planning to perform Umrah from the UK this year, then there are online cheap Umrah packages for individuals and groups. You can also get group discount offers.

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