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Use this UK calendar and find the best month for Umrah

Use this UK calendar and find the best month for Umrah

Hajj and Umrah are two major religious obligations of Muslims, in which Umrah is optional, but Hajj is mandatory and obliged at least once in life. This is obliged only if you are financially and physically able to perform it easily. For Umrah the whole year, Makkah and Madina are found full except on the day of Hajj. These are the first ten days of the last Islamic calendar month. These days are only prohibited for the Umrah and specific for the Hajj.

December could be your best month for Umrah!

In the UK and the USA, most of the time, winter is found, and people of both countries are found in winter. That’s why they select a month that is the winter season. In Saudi Arabia, December is the month of winter. That’s why, for the people of the UK and the USA, it is considered the best month. This month is suitable for those who love winter.

People from the USA and the UK invest huge money and reach this holy place for performing Umrah as the prices of all-inclusive Umrah packages from the UK are increasing day by day. That’s why most of the Muslims prefer the first month of the year. In this way, this could be the first month, which means January would be fine for you.

A large number of companies of Umrah packages are offering different packages for different events, and you can get the December and January Umrah packages for them.

Some other reasons to perform Umrah in December:

What do you think? Why should you perform Umrah in December? Yes, here is the answer because of the fee schedule and holidays in the UK. At the end of the year, Christmas and new year holidays, in combination, work perfectly for the Muslims to perform the Umrah. In the UK, the majority of the population is Christian; they have strong beliefs and rituals. They celebrate the event of Christmas in a joyful manner. That’s why Muslims can perform their religious Obligations. So, this is considered as an opportunity for you to get all-inclusive Umrah packages to form the UK for your family.

Low crowd rate of pilgrims

Usually, all the Muslims love to perform Umrah in the month of Ramadan. Makkah and Medina are found to be full at this time. Fortunately, Ramadan came at the end of April this year. In addition to this, it is also full in the month of Hajj. That’s why the crowd of pilgrims would be very low in the month of December. So, it is another way for you to get the chance of an all-inclusive Umrah package from the UK this December.

Because of the low crowd in these months, there are chances for you to do the following things easily;

  1. Perform the ritual of Umrah easily
  2. Touch the Hajar Aswad
  3. Kiss the Hajar Aswad
  4. Tawaf easily
  5. Perform the Saee easily
  6. Drink water of ZamZam as much as you can

By selecting the month of December, you will have the above-mentioned extra favors.

Affordability and feasible rates for Umrah packages:

A large number of ATOL and ABTA authorized Umrah package agencies are offering huge discounts not only for individuals but also for the groups. Due to the low crowd, agencies will offer a huge discount. They do so because of completing their sales target, and you will get a discount. In addition to this, at low prices, the nearest hotel to the mosque would be available for you. This would be an additional discount for you. This is counted as an offseason in Makkah and Madina. So, most of the pilgrims get the nearest hotel at discounted prices. Add to this; old age persons can get the nearest hotel and perform all the prayers in the mosques easily. Due to the low crowd, the prices of transportations are also low and less competitive.

So, December is found to be the best month for the Umrah, only for the people of the USA and the UK. You can book your Umrah right away, and this is the best prayer of Islam. Actually, we believe that Umrah will remove all of our sins. Sins that we have performed with intention or without intention in the past few years. Thus, in this small life, we should pray and follow the rules defined by Allah.





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