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Meritorious architectures of Dubai

Meritorious architectures of Dubai

It is the known fact that Dubai is one of the most famous destinations for tourists and sightseers. The mammoth skyscrapers and architectural heritage of the city is capable of musing the Dubai memorials. All these high buildings not only create Dubai a centre of attraction for the tourist world but also make Dubai unforgettable for the visitors. The city of Dubai is also a centre of attraction for the tourists of the world because it demonstrates the seamless amalgamation of the desert views and multicultural city.

The desert life of Dubai provides an array of tourism facilities that attract the globe to come here. Some of these activities entail:

  • Desert safari
  • Jeep racing
  • Camel racing
  • Desert photography
  • Desert sports
  • Hunting

Contrary to this, the cosmopolitan city life showcases the following points and make Dubai a perfect terminus for the visitors.

  • World tallest buildings.
  • Vibrant city lifestyle
  • Ambrosial subtlety
  • Historical monuments

However, for the ataraxic and comfort of the visitors, the high-class and luxury rooms on rent in Dubai are available. These rooms are not only well-furnished but also stuffed with all the needs of a relaxed life.

Grand mosque demonstrate a true Islamic architecture:

The grand mosque is the archetype of the Dubai culture and its religious heritage. If we say that the grand mosque showcases the true Islamic heritage, it is not wrong. It is also true that the whole charisma of the building is doubled due to the quranic inscriptions that are present on the entrance façade. However, the highest minarets also amuse the visitors and make the structure of the mosque more attractive. The mosque is finished into the authentic Islamic interior that reflects the culture of the city.

The small and large domes of the mosque also look so impressive, and people from various regions come there to visit the mosque and its beauty. And this charming place of worship is filled with the essence of religiousness and spirituality.

Infinity tower also known as cyan tower:

This marvellous piece of architecture is a perfect marvel that is constructed in twisted phrases. The look of the building is so inspiring and capable of making the viewer’s wow in its first look. Due to it’s out of the ordinary look, it is considered one of the amazing photographed buildings of the city. The existence of the building is also astonishing as it turns 90 degrees over its course of height. Due to which it becomes challenging for the traditional architectural styles of the buildings in the city.

The dynamic twisted shape of the cyan tower is the charm of this building. And for such tourists who are in need of the luxury and bewitching rooms on rent in Dubai, this building is also an optimal option.

Jumeirah mosque of snowy white stones:

It is considered one of the most alluring mosque of the Dubai. As the whole structure of the mosque is created with the snowy white stones that intensify the whole outlook of this religious place. This mosque is open for all peoples, whether belonging to other faiths as per the policy of open doors and open minds. However, the native mosque representatives also facilitate tourism by conducting their guided tours and offer the visitors to learn and know about their religion and culture.

So, all sorts of visitors come to the mosque in massive quantities and take the tour of the Jumeirah mosque without any kind of limitation or restrictions.

Bastakiya Quarters aka al fahidi forts:

Mainly the aka al fahidi fort is one of the ancient inhabitant areas of Dubai. However, it is constructed among the modern buildings and extravagance hotels. The visitors curiously visit this monumental fort to get experience about the ancient as well as the cultural life of Dubai. Add to this, the viewpoint of the bastakiya quarters are enriched with the beautifully created curved wooden doors, narrow winding lanes, and wooden frameworks.

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The city of Dubai is enriched with the massive luxuries, but out of all the dearth and conventional are the monuments as the whole world knows Dubai for these tallest buildings and vivacious lifestyle. Add to this; the desert safaris also exaggerate the dearness of the city for the tourists.




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