• March 10, 2024

Would you know about  the best universities in Dubai

Dubai has 2.4 million people, and hundreds of thousands people come here for tourism and business purposes. There are lots of new futures plans of the Dubai government are also awaiting to be complete. So, this is a place of markets, shopping malls and the world’s tallest buildings. Actually, this is the major source of income for Dubai. In the past decades, Dubai has built lots of restaurants, business, resorts buildings, metro and other infrastructure. Some of their projects are listed here:

  • Cayan tower
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Jumeirah Emirates Towers
  • Dubai Opera
  • Jumeirah beach hotel
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Dubai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa

These are limited to this list, but there are a lot of more and more. As Dubai becomes the business hub for most of the Asian and middle east countries, so, they are settling there for longer than a trip. This creates a world-class education need, and Dubai has also emphasized on building structure with quality education.

A large number of diversity exists in Dubai. For them, proper schools, colleges and universities are built. They’re providing up to the mark and standard education, in all fields of life. They are offering graduation, master and even PHD’s programs. Such universities are self-owned by the government, private universities, branch campuses of the world-class universities, and hosts of international universities are run there.

DIAC and DKW are two major students facilitating elements. These are Dubai International Academic City and Dubai Knowledge Village, respectively. DIAC is the best and the most facilitated for the students it comprises the below-listed things,

  • Hub of universities are situated there
  • E-learning academies and colleges are here
  • Professional and basic training centres are here
  • Research and development of the companies are facilitated here

Here is the list of top five universities in Dubai:

Every foreigner has to get an apartment in order to live in Dubai. Moreover, if he is a student he can acquire rooms in Dubai for rent or on a sharing basis. Furthermore, other facilities are also available for the foreigners, like hostels and apartments. Top five universities in Dubai, have almost all the facilities that a student needs. These are only local universities;

  1. Al Ghurair university
  2. University of Dubai
  3. The higher colleges of technology
  4. Biotechnology university college in Dubai
  5. Zayed University

Al Ghurair University:

It is situated in DIAC, a private and local university in Dubai. This was situated with the intention to provide outclass knowledge and skill to the students. This university is licensed by MOHESR and provides business education, computer science, and engineering-related degrees. Best faculty is focusing on practical engineering knowledge in Dubai.

University of Dubai:

It is situated at the very centre of Dubai City and affiliated with national and international universities. This university is focusing on bachelor’s degrees related to the marketing, administration, business, management, banking, HRM, economics, logistics and all other general science degrees. In addition to this, it is offering masters in IT, master in business, law degrees and computer sciences.

The higher colleges of technology:

Every year, more than 55000 native residents get education from this university, and it is considered as the largest institution of higher education. It has a wide network in Dubai with 17 campuses. There are two men’s colleges in Dubai, and two for women’s. It is offering; IT, engineering, communication, health sciences, business, construction sciences, sports and education.

Biotechnology university college in Dubai:

It is also MOHESR affiliated university in Dubai, as the name shows; it provides the biological services. It offers medical sciences, pharmaceutical, environment, agricultural, industrial and petroleum studies, forensics, DNA, RNA, studies graduations as well as master’s degree. It has exchange programs, scholarships, modern campuses, and international opportunities.

Zayed University

It is a government-sponsored university, and it has two campuses in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. It is offering bachelor’s and master’s degrees in many fields. There is business, arts, mass communication, technology and media sciences degrees. So, this is another good local university in Dubai.

For student’s accommodation is mandatory in Dubai and it is heavily cost to the students. But you can get rooms in Dubai and complete your education. There are academic sessions and admission schedules for these universities that could be followed by the students.

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