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List of 5 tools that SEO agency should use

List of 5 tools that SEO agency should use

SEO is much more technical, and it is different than that of the 2010 SEO. Partially because of the competition and rest because of the Google algorithm changes. Still, it is alive, and most of the SEO agencies and companies are relying on SEO services. Actually, there are only ten results against a query in Google, and a large number of products sellers are waiting to rank there. So, it is only possible to rank higher if you understand the AI that Google introduced a few years back for its ranking factors. SEO companies in USA use different tools in the analysis and evaluations of the SEO process. Such tools help them in decision making and building a white hat SEO strategy. Moreover, by analyzing the competitors online and following their tactics is only possible by the use of automation tools and strong analysis of the backlinks and content gaps.

Here is the list of five must-have SEO tools for agencies.

  1. Moz OSE
  2. Ahrefs.com
  3. SEO frog Crawler
  4. Majestic.com
  5. Grammarly


This is a paid tool with limited one-time daily demo on one IP address. You have to purchase it, and it runs only in real-time. This tells about the DA, domain authority, MOZ trust, page authority, spam score SS and links of a website. Here finding internal and external backlinks is very easy. You can also export them and compare them. Add to this, local MOZ allows you to check your online local listing score, and this directly reflects the status of your local SEO. Moreover, you can also find the percentage of the quality backlinks and higher number of quality backlinks are mandatory for the SEO of a website. They have different packages that are segmented and limitized. Add to this, small businesses can also buy the smallest package that is a monthly base. Moreover; they offer large numbers of small tools that are very useful in SEO.


It is another good tool for the competitor’s analysis, URL rating calculation, domain rating, and links analysis. This tells us how many links are built in the last seven days, and the overall history of the backlinks could be found easily. Actually, they have a database of one trillion links, their own crawlers and softwares. Also, they assign a URL rating on the basis of a large number of hidden factors. Furthermore, they also calculate rankings against your keywords in all the regions, an audit of the whole websites, content gaps calculation, links anchor cloud, traffic value in your currency, and difficulty against any keyword in Google. This is a very extensive tool that has much use in SEO, and a few of their functions are very much effective.

They also provide a comparison of two and more than two competitors; their recent links can be exported, you can check the last seven days’ links, a number of organic keywords for your sites, improved and declined keywords. In addition to this, Ahrefs rank is another great signal for the SEO’s; lower the value means it is good for the site. They have their own formulas and crawlers; on such a basis, they calculate the stats of a website. By analyzing these stats, SEO agencies set the goals and strategies are built.

SEO Frog Crawler

This is desktop-based software for the websites; it is installed and synchronized with their database. You can crawl up to 500 pages’ website for free. This is another paramount tool that shows you the title, URL, image alt tags, and other onsite basic things. If you want to check the redirects, canonical URLs, errors and bugs in your website then SEO Frog crawler is the best one. It also configures with ahrefs.com, SEMrush, Google analytics, search console, and other APIs; then provides an overview by gathering all the data in one place and presenting them in graphical presentations. Most companies set their SEO packages in USA on the basis of the reports generated by SEO Frog Crawler. This actually crawls your whole website and explains the online visibility and errors in a website.

Grammarly – for the content marketing

Grammarly is another tool in the list of must-have tools for SEO. This is used for the spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, vocabulary enhancements, structural changes in the language. They have online as well as add-ons for Microsoft word. Their AI automatically detects the errors in a piece of writing and fixes them. So, your content marketing and creation team require this tool for the correction of errors. So, it has a monthly premium membership plan. When you are creating content for the website, make sure to proofread and pass it through Grammarly.

Such tools are too expensive with premium monthly subscriptions. Only big agencies can afford them. If you are alone and doing SEO by yourself, then affording all of these tools is not possible for you. So, you can get online services of SEO. Most companies set SEO packages in USA after analyzing websites through all these tools. Moreover, they analyze the previous work, understand the potential and health status of a website, and after this, provide you the quotations.

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