• April 22, 2024

Opportunities for small business to grow their business online

Opportunities for small business to grow their business online

In this COVID-19, everyone needs business and its growth. No doubt, expecting something great in the global lockdown is a hard nut to crack. On the other hand, there are digital ways to grow your business and survive during COVID-19. For a small business, it is very challenging and hard to grow. When it comes to internet marketing, any good SEO Company in Pakistan helps you in stabilizing your online business. Thus, you need to understand the importance and worth of digital marketing in this time of need.

Here are the ways of digital growth for small business in Pakistan;

  1. Growth from SEO practices
  2. Growth from Paid clicking advertisements
  3. Social media and viral marketing Growth online
  4. Affiliate marketing for the increase in sales

If you are using at least two of the above-mentioned platforms, there is no need to be afraid about business growth during COVID-19.

Growth from SEO Practices – Only follow White hat techniques

SEO stands for search engine optimization, and there are a large number of SEO companies in Pakistan. They rank your website in the top search results, and your website gets more visitors. Such visitors ultimately converted into sales. So, it is evidence of success, and if your site has better rankings in Google, there are chances of more business. Either you have an e-commerce business or service providing business, proper optimizing of a web page can make your day.  SEO practices are much more technical in 2020, and SEO companies append value and quality in the website. So, providing value and quality products is the most important ranking factor in Google. Add to this, it is a long term process of optimizing your pages, building some quality links and increasing the website loading time. If you want to save time, then you should move towards paid marketing.

Growth from PPC – Hurry up a small business

This is actually paid marketing, and it contains;

  • Pay per click
  • Pay per lead
  • Pay per impression
  • Pay per view/video ads
  • Pay per like, share and engagement

There are many companies who have no more time to wait for the ranking in Google for months and years. They simply invest in Google, Bing and other paid advertisement networks. Moreover, they simply rank you in the top places of the search results, and you have to pay for every single click, impression and view. So, it is another way for the small business to grow online during COVID-19. Thus, a small business can rely on these PPC platforms. Google ads, Bing ads and Facebook ads are the top of the list. Furthermore, Facebook Ads are only limited to Facebook marketing instead of search engine marketing.

Growth from social media marketing; click, share and get leads

This is most probably the most effective marketing platform for the small business on the earth and proved to be fruitful for small business in this century. You can run your desired ads, target the right audiences and specifically set the parameters of advertising campaigns. Add to this, Facebook, P-Interest, twitter and LinkedIn paid marketing has their own tracking dashboards that allow one to make a decision, set ads pricing and timings. Next to this, there are also organic reaches, engagements and likes for relevant stuff you are sharing on the site. If your page has millions of likes, what more you need, simply retain the page active and gather as much audience as you can. This is another opportunity for small businesses to grow social signals and gather more sales online. During this COVID-19, social media is proved to be the best and effective platform for advertisement.

Affiliate Marketing – Pay commission and get more sales

If you are already getting sales online and you need more sales to cross the breakeven or threshold of your business. Start an affiliate marketing plan on your website and get more sales. In this way you can spread referral links and their marketing will generate more sales for you. All the biggest platforms offer affiliate marketing like amazon.com. This is only for those who have optimized websites and stable online business. Remember, you have to pay a commission on every sale to the referral link holder.

There are still ways in COVID-19 for the promotion and running a successful business online. In order to get all of the above-mentioned services, get consultancy from a good and reputable SEO company in Pakistan. If you are already covering SEO, PPC, Social media, and affiliate marketing; then you are lucky. Still, there are ways to improve and retain your business position in the best place. Thus, digitalization of business is helping all the small, medium and large scale businesses to retain the growth rate during COVID-19.

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