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Interesting facts about Dubai – you should know before travelling

Interesting facts about Dubai – you should know before travelling

Dubai is an interesting place, and place of malls and shopping centres with high rising buildings. These are the skyscrapers and comprises largest chains of business and tourist points. There are lots of interesting things and places that become the point of attraction for every visitor.

Dubai has a strong history, and their kings retain them at any cost. Dubai, with a total population of 3.1 million people, has 76 years of life expectancy, and it is situated in the 3113 Km square area. In addition to this, Al Qudra lake is the largest lake in Dubai, and they celebrate 2nd December as a national day. In Dubai, there is a system of monarchy, and UAE AED are used as a currency.

Their official language is Arabic, but a large number of English speakers are there. Dubai is not a member of NATO, and their country number prefix is +971. Furthermore, their time zone is UTC +4 (GST) and Arabian Oryx is their national animal. These are the interesting facts about Dubai. Furthermore, it is a good place and always filled with tourists and foreigners. The main reason for tourism is their culture, buildings, resorts, beaches and exceptional hospitality services for the visitors.

The list is countless, but few are explained here.

  1. No tax policy
  2. The tallest building of the world
  3. Longest automated Metro is in Dubai
  4. ATMs that dispense gold bars
  5. Parking space in Dubai

No tax policy:

In Dubai, people come from all the places and every corner of the world. So, there is no tax on income. There is zero tax policy for the residents of Dubai. It is the reason that the richest people in the world prefer Dubai for the business. Add to this; all foreigners also prefer to visit and start a business there. These are the benefits that Dubai is sharing with its residents.

The tallest building of the world:

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building of the world; it is situated in Dubai. It is the most impressive and standardized structure made building in Dubai. In order to visit the top floors, you need a booking and tickets with the approval. Its height is 828 meters, and people can visit only the first 125 floors. Moreover, in the holy month of Ramadan, there is a difference of 2 minutes of sunsets. So, people living on the top floors wait two more minutes for the sunset. This shows the height and its huge height effects on society. This is really the tallest one and a person standing at the top floor can watch the world in a round shape. This is another proof “Earth is round”.

World’s longest and automated Metro is in Dubai:

In Dubai, mobilization and transportation is centralized and automated. In this tourist’s hub and busiest lives, Dubai facilitates us by providing the world’s fastest and automated platform for travelling. A 74.6 Km long metro that works all the time automatically and transfers hundreds and thousands of passengers from one place to another place automatically. So, you can easily travel to Dubai by using their advanced systems.

ATMs that dispense gold bars:

This is really amazing even in hearing; there are ATM machines that dispense the gold bars. This is real Gold, and you just need to insert the ATM card, deduction of Durham and you will get the bar of the Gold. This shows, Dubai is a place to trade in Gold, real Gold, and this is very easily available in Dubai, even at ATM machines.

Parking place in Dubai:

This is too frustrating for the incomers; you have to pay and even book your parking place in Dubai. It is hot, and people rush on cars, Ferraris and advanced cars limit the presence of parking space. That’s why parking space on rent in Dubai booking is mandatory. You can book it online and restrain from the frustration. This made your trip and journey frustration-free and entertaining. Dubai is only placed where you can park your camel, cars, bikes and anything. On the other hand, the concept of parking of camels is forbidden in other countries.

These are a few major and interesting facts about Dubai. You should know before travelling to Dubai, and you should be aware of such concepts before travelling to Dubai.



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