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Three historical places that you should visit in Dubai

Three historical places that you should visit in Dubai

Everyone loves Dubai for holidays, trips, and events. Do you know? Why are people crazy for Dubai? High rising buildings, the world’s tallest buildings, great shopping malls, safari deserts, and lots of beaches. People come here for entertainment, with families, friends, and fellows. It is famous because of high-rise buildings, like Burj Khalifa, gigantic aquariums, lots of beautiful parks and places. All these ostentatiously and glitzy things, force people to come there often, and make a twist in their lives. When you enter Dubai, you should visit these five places and get a surprise.

  • Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum house
  • Old Dubai – new name is Bastakia
  • Museum in Dubai
  • Dubai Mall

Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House

Grandfather of the current kind, there is a monarchy in Dubai. Every next king is the son of the current king. So, he is the grandfather of the current king. His reign was 1921-1958, and his old house was restructured. People that come to Dubai have a wish to visit this home. Now, this home is used as a museum and expresses the true picture of the Arabian lifestyle. This is restructured by following the Arabian architecture. Actually, this house was built by the father of Sheik Saeed Al-Maktoum in 1896. The main purpose of building high rising pillars to observe the movements. It was demolished, but this time it is rebuilt on the same structure and modern interior. There are many photographs of the ancient times, and the photos of the beginning of the nineteenth century. In addition to this, a large number of maps, stamps, coins, and historical materials symbols are presented. So, it could be the first place to know about Dubai and its history. You should probably start your journey from here.

Old Dubai – new name is Bastakia

It is also known as the Al-Fahidi neighborhood; it was a home of a Persian. He was a merchant in Dubai and only deals in pearls and textile products. He was a very rich person at that time. It was built late in the 19th century, and he comes here to get the free trade facility. This building comprises many wind towers, and these wind towers were connected with the homes. This was the resemblance of the air conditioning, and later, this was also followed in Iran and other gulf countries. This building brings the strong images and memories of the bygone. Every visitor should visit this place and what you only need is the conveyance to go there. But there is a lot of parking space in Dubai. So, you can even visit in your own conveyance easily.


Dubai Museum:

It is another historical building in Dubai, and it is situated in the Al-Fahidi fort. This fort is known for the history of Dubai, and it was built to secure and monitor the activities on the bay. It was situated in the 17th century, around 1787. Coral-blocks had been used to build this infrastructure of that time. At someplace, it has two floors, and its ceilings are majorly made by the gypsum, plaster, and mud. It was used for many purposes in history. First, it was used for the families of the rulers. Afterward, it became a place for the government, and at last, it became a place for the prisons. It was restored two times, first in 1971, and the second time it was 1995. It is one of the major museums in Dubai, and a large number of exhibitions are held here. So, you should visit this, every time you visit Dubai. Moreover, it was expanded in history. It also comprises the old maps, boats, old houses, musical instruments, and other historical ornaments. It has two halls, one is called the right hand hall, and the rest one is called the left-hand hall. Because of a huge number of daily visitors, you need a parking space in Dubai for your ease. So, you can book it before visiting this museum.

In addition to this, there are many other modern places that you can visit in Dubai; these are rushed all the time. So, you need an apartment, a car, and a parking place in Dubai for your ease and comfort during the trips. Fortunately, Dubai provides all these facilities, and you can book them online before reaching Dubai. If you are planning a trip to Dubai this year, you should comment below.


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