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Information that assists you in attaining the right umrah package from the UK

You are a resident of the UK, it’s good; you can get the cheap Umrah package easily. There are many fraud companies, but you can check the authenticity of an agency. If it is registered, then you can rely on them, so what’s next. Yes, you need a cheap package for you. All the agencies have many offers at different times;

  1. Seven days 3-star package
  2. 14 days 5-star package
  3. 21 days 7-star package
  4. 30 days 7-star package

These are the common packages usually agencies are offering. These are different in facilities other than duration. Yes, there are a large number of hotels around Makkah and Madinah; that range from simple to luxury style hotels. For a 3-star package, you get a simple hotel that is far away from the holy mosques. SO, you need more time to reach the mosque daily. On the other hand, five stars and seven stars’ hotels are very neat to the mosques; it also includes the clock tower of Makkah. Thus, you can use any package. This depends on your pocket.

Rituals of Umrah:

There are few rituals of Umrah that are done with great care in a sequence, and there are also some prohibitions in them. It starts from the Intentions of the Umrah, wearing of Ihram, Sai, and cutting of hairs. These are done in a sequence and with care. Before entering in the area of Mekat. Ihram is considered as the most important out of them; here are few recommendations and limitations of wearing an Ihram.

What is Ihram for Umrah?

Ihram is the name of the cloth that one needs to wear before entering the area of Mekat. Without wearing this, one can’t perform the Umrah. This white color of the dress shows humbleness and equality. There is no difference between rich and poor in Islam. So, that’s why everyone needs white color Ihram.

Dressing of Ihram for Men:

For men, there are two pieces of clothes that are not stitched and no buttons. This is wrapped around the body in a specific way. It is worn in a way; your toes and feet are uncovered. The Head is also not covered, and no other clothing is allowed. These are the defined rules in Islam, and every Umrah performer has to follow them strictly.

Dressing of Ihram for women:

This is stitched, but free clothes. No tights are allowed, and this Ihram covers the entire body of the women. One can place buttons, and they can use white and dark colors as well. In addition to this, their face and hands should be uncovered. Moreover, there are few prohibitions in the situation of Ihram. These are listed down here;

  1. In the state of Ihram, you are not allowed to cut or shorten your nails and hair. These are strictly prohibited and not allowed in Islam.
  2. Men are not allowed to wear stitched clothes. On the other hand, ladies are allowed to some extent, to wear other garments.
  3. No fight, no argument, with anyone, all such activities are prohibited in Umrah.
  4. Ladies can’t cover their faces, and men are not allowed to cover the head.
  5. No fragrance and perfumes are allowed, no cosmetic items, no socks, and no shoes are allowed. Shoes are also prohibited in the mosque.
  6. Sex and hunting of animals is also restricted during Umrah.

Tawaf-e-Kaaba – seven times

There are many kinds of Tawaf; they are specific to the times. For instance, Tawaf Wadda is the last Tawaf. This is done at the end of the Umrah or when you are leaving the Makkah. So, here is the list of all kinds of Tawaf;

  1. Tawaf Rukn
  2. Tawaf Wajib
  3. Tawaf Wadda
  4. Tawaf Tahiyyatul Masjid – when entering in the mosque of haram
  5. Tawaf-E-Umrah – obligation for the Umrah
  6. Tawaf Nafl – for extra benefits, this is Nafli Prayer

Sai – following the Tawaf

This is the walk or running between two mountains. These mountains are named as Saffa and Marwah. All the performers, either men or women, are required to run at this place. Seven rounds in this area are required for the completion of Umrah. After this, cutting of hair is mandatory. So, in this way, you can complete your Umrah.

Read more about the Umrah guide to educate yourself and alse manage finance to live in Makkah.

All this starts from the cheap Umrah packages from UK and ends to the visit of the historical buildings and historical place of Islam.



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