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A checklist for you – preparing for the surgery

A checklist for you – preparing for the surgery

Going for surgery in the near future, don’t forget to follow the below-mentioned checklist. Before going to the surgery, take some time for yourself and prepare yourself for it. Surgeons in Singapore suggest three things at this stage, first learning about the people that surround you and take care of you. The second one is taking care of your health and relaxation of the mind, and the last thing is known about the procedures through which you are going through. By following this checklist, you can acquire success in all three factors; and you would be more satisfied with the surgery. By doing these steps, you will be confident and relaxed.

Firstly, answer a few questions to yourself related to the surgery

Before going to the surgery, the answer to these questions makes you satisfied. These are the major prerequisites of the surgery. You have to ask these questions from yourself, and there should be a positive answer to these questions. If you have no answer, then it is time to start improving your habits and health.

Am I healthy to bear this trauma?

Are you healthy enough to pass through the surgery, answer yourself? If you are not healthy, then start eating a properly balanced diet right away. Add to this complete your sleeping time and ask from your physician, if you might need any medication. When you would have an overwhelming amount of sleep and a healthy diet, you are safe. If you are a smoker or addicted to the drink, it’s time to leave it till the surgery. 

Is my physician qualified?

This is a simple question that you might need to ask from a physician. You can ask his/her qualification, experience and number of cases that he has had in his history. Is he so competent to do this, then you are in safe hands? 

How do I control my bills and expenses?

Do you have a sufficient amount of dollars to bear the cost of all medical expenses? You might have medical insurance and check if it is able to cover all the expenses, or you need more. If you have a full insurance plan, then there is no need for tension.

Secondly, ask a few questions from the doctor

Ask these questions from your surgeon in Singapore, and append things in your plan. For this, gather information from your physicians.

How much time is required for your recovery?

This is the first question that you need to ask from your physician. Ask how much after the surgery is required of you. Number of days in the hospital, recovery days, any pain and how other issues could be managed. Add to this, how much time after the surgery is required to go back to the home in a normal position and start your day to day operations.

You are addicted to alcohol or smoking now what to do.

For anaesthesia, it matters either you are addicted to alcohol, smoking, marijuana or any other addiction. So, before the surgery, I openly discussed with the physician and found a solution for this. In this way, the doctor can also understand the amount of anaesthesia that you need at the time of surgery.

Your fear and other complications

If you have diabetes, blood pressure or any other diseases then ask with the doctor or physician. Add to this, any fear in your mind, any threat, recovery options and other complex issues that are disturbing you could be simply asked by the doctors.

Thirdly, your action just before the surgery time

When you are going to pass through the surgery, simple, do these things in your life.

Be cool and confident

If you are confident and have trust in you, then the whole process would be easier for you. It should be done, with confidence. You will be better soon and all you should have a positive approach.

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Bring your relative or close friend with you

There should be one of your friends or relatives that help you before and after the surgery. Your friend would motivate you and take care of yourself. He will help you in this time of need and motivate you. Add to this; he will take care of your health, during and after the surgery. There are always a few days in the hospital, after the surgery. Your friend or relative will help you in these days. Furthermore, you can’t drive after the surgery; he/she will also take care of yourself in driving.

Stick to the plan

Even before a few minutes of the surgery, you have to stick to the plan provided to you by the doctors.

Easy clothing

Don’t go in jeans for the surgery; make sure to take easy clothes with you. These are comfortable for you and help you in rest.

This checklist is suggested by the surgeons in Singapore. By following this list, you can make your surgery easy.

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