• March 10, 2024

Future plans of Dubai for its golden jubilee 2024

Future plans of Dubai for its golden jubilee 2024

Dubai, a city of the flourishing metropolis, is the third in the list of the superstructures of the world. The highest skyscrapers that are found in the city of Dubai make it the titillating tourism point for the globetrotters and even for the holidaymakers. Undoubtedly, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is notorious for its profligate infrastructure. These infrastructures entails:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Dubai Mall
  • Cyan Tower
  • Dubai Frame

All these superstructures are eminent in creating Dubai as a distinct as well as eye-catching tourist point for the whole world. The above-mentioned luxury and posh buildings also offer the out of ordinary rooms in Dubai for the visitors. These rooms are full of all sorts of luxury and opulence.

The last two decays face the exclusive changing and transformation of Dubai from a backwater desert to the house of the mammoth buildings. These infrastructures are hereditament of the oil that was discovered in this little more than a port city. And convert it into the house of the skyscrapers and extravagance boutiques. These advancements of Dubai city now become the huge contributors for the Dubai income sources.

After all these facts, Dubai is not stopped here; the future goals were decided for Dubai. And here, we are going to shed light on the goals of Dubai 2024.

After the achievement of the goals of 2023 that include the education strategy, Dubai tourism strategy, and expo 2020. The very next goals of this country are:

The objective of creating the Ajman:

In 2014, February, the sheikh Ammar Bin Humaid Al Nuaimi launched a summit for Ajman 2021. In this summit, the crown prince of Ajman focuses on transforming Ajman society into:

  • Happy society
  • Green economy
  • Distinctive government
  • Spirit of union

The purpose of the Ajman 2021 strategy is to contribute to making the UAE a united country. However, it is also a small loop of the big vision of creating UAE, the best country in the world by 2050. And, it will be achieved till 2021. So, this mission is considered not only good for the UAE but also for the whole world. And if Ajman 2021 is achieved on time, it would lead the whole country towards its major goal of 2050. And also enhance the spirit of the whole country.

It is also considered that the Ajman is completed. It would also gain the attraction of more tourists and assist the UAE for the completion of its other missions. So, if the Ajman mission is achieved by 2021, it would be a pleasant gift for the golden jubilee of Dubai. However, at the tourist sections, the tourists would find the high-class rooms in Dubai that are also furnished with swanky facilities.

Sharjah vision of tourism 2024:

At the time when UAE was going to celebrate its 50th years of founding, a remarkable achievement of attracting more than 10 million tourists was aimed at the Sharjah tourism vision. It is also advisable in Sharjah tourism to build an international culture hub in Sharjah by promoting the cultural and heritage element. However, for this purpose, the four main points are under the focus:

  • Promoting Sharjah as a family tourism destination.
  • In order to improve the tourism experience, an innovative tourism approach is adopt.
  • Partnerships and collaborative actions are created for the enhancement of tourism.
  • The promotion of culture and heritage elements among families

Dubai strategy of health:

The strategy focuses on ensuring the best out of best health and environment for the Dubai people. The Dubai health strategy was launched in 2016 by the Sheikh Mohammad, and it includes:

  • The four main approaches
  • Six objectives
  • Fifteen programs
  • Ninety-three initiatives

However, all of these entails the sound health system and a safe environment for healthcare. It also includes innovative treatment methods and advanced health facilities. However, the ecological system for the healthcare sector would also create with the help of the private and public sectors. And it is also one of the crucial future plans of Dubai for 2021.

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In order to wrap up the whole discussion, it is evident to illustrate that Dubai is now focusing on tourism and health sectors to provide an unforgettable tourist experience for the visitors. So, you need to visit dubai for your next vications and holidays with friends.




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