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What is cataract surgery?

What is cataract surgery?

Sometimes, there is a need to remove the eye lens and replace it with an artificial one. The lens of the eye is naturally clear. But in some cases when it became cloudy, examiners recommend to replace it. Cataracts cause this, and its impacts are not inconsiderable. However, it directly affects your eyesight. It is a safe procedure that is done in a short period. Ophthalmologist, after examination, conduct this surgery on a patient. Eye-doctors recommend not to stay in the hospital after the surgery.

Why is cataract surgery done?

This surgery is defined for the treatment of the cataract because this causes blurry vision, glare from lights and other vision problems. If the cataract restrains the treatment of other eye problems, then eye-doctor recommends this. If doctors are unable to diagnose and examine the back of the eye like diabetic retinopathy, then it is highly recommended. Add to this; it is not an immediate requirement. You can delay and consider the surgery at some later time in life. These are the question that you should answer before going to surgery.

  1. Are you able to drive and read a newspaper?
  2. Are you facing any difficulty in watching the television?
  3. Are you dependent on others related to the visions?
  4. You are feeling a problem while driving because of headlights.

Few risks associated with cataracts

Very rare and few risks are associated with this surgery, but sometimes such symptoms are found in the patients. Loss of vision, secondary cataracts, glaucoma, bleeding, infection, inflammation, and swelling are expected.

Cataracts recovery tips for you

Two situations need care; before and after the surgery, food and medications help in recovery. Eye-doctors refrain the patients from eating or drinking anything before the surgery. Usually, 12 hours is recommended and feasible in this surgery. Furthermore, the doctor also advised stopping any medication or alcohol before and after the surgery. It is because of bleeding and swelling caused by the side effects of the medicines. Such regular medication inclined the rate of bleeding during the surgery. If you are addicted to any beverage, alcohol then it is your duty to share with your doctor, otherwise, the impacts could lead to other medical complexities. Furthermore, all the antibiotics, eye drops are also prohibited before 2 days of the surgery. You should consider all these factors and learn more about cataracts recovery tips.

Stop driving for the next few days

Usually, you are discharged immediately just after a few minutes of hospitalization. As this surgery require only a few minutes to be done. So, avoid the following things after surgery. Don’t drive, you can use Uber for reaching home. Limit your activities as per the schedule provided by the surgeon. In addition to this, don’t bend, don’t lift heavyweight, for the next whole week.

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Immediately after the surgery, your vision might still be a blur, but after few days a gradual betterment is essential. Add to this, you will see the bright colour in life, and this is because of the lens appended in your eyes. Cataracts usually have yellow and brown colour visions, but after surgery, you will see the brighter colours.

Don’t forget the doctor and medication after the successful surgery. It is advised to consult your doctor after 2 days, one week and a month respectively. In this way, the doctor can check out your healings and guide you accordingly. Furthermore, just after the surgery, discomfort, itching, and disturbance are expected in the eyes. For this, work with patience and get regular medication as per prescriptions issued by the doctor. Don’t rub or push your eyes again and again.

This surgery requires some time to mitigate the disease, for this doctors recommend before and after surgery precautions. The doctors recommend wearing eyeglasses or eye patches for some days. Even protective shield is being used when you sleep. All these precautions are temporary and essential only for few days.

Take proper medication and stay blessed

Eye-doctors refer few medicines that comprise eye drops and pills. The fundamental purpose behind this is your cure. It mitigates the risk of infections, allergy, reduces inflammation, controls the eye pressure, reduces bleeding, swelling and pain. Few medications are used at the time of surgery; these are injected to reduce the pain.

All the tips mentioned above help reduce cataracts. However, the full treatment process lasts for 8 weeks. The vision gets cleared gradually within a few weeks. Still, if you found any of the below-mentioned symptoms after surgery; immediately consult the doctor.

  1. Loss in vision, abrupt or gradual
  2. Redness of the eye, when increased
  3. Swelling in any of the eyes
  4. If any spot found in your eye

Hence, these tips will help in your recovery and make your eye health safe and beneficial.

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