• February 27, 2024

How is social media playing an eminent role during COVID-19 global lockdown

How is social media playing an eminent role during COVID-19 global lockdown

COVID-19 is becoming a major issue for the world, almost all the countries become victims of this pandemic, and the word of social distancing is very much frustrated for lots of business on the earth. Since it started in 2019, December and just within a few months, it spread across the world. All the production business, conventional marketing business and business which involve great manpower are just stuck. Actually they are bound to maintain the social distance.

In this era of bad situations, only digital marketing and media marketing is working. Most of the world’s leading brands are trying to shift to media marketing as people are still connected on social media. Only in Pakistan, the use of the Internet has increased by 15% in the month of April, and media is able to generate the business.

Online sales are just spiking

Social distancing has sagged the efforts of conventional marketing, and the use of media is at boom now. Using social media at home and even at mobile can be beneficial for every business for the sales. The world has understood the importance of media, and sales are being generated on social media nowadays. The exact and precise targeting to your audience can sell products on media and it is the key to success during this COVID-19. Thus, in Pakistan, this trend is spiking, and people are becoming addicted to this, as businesses are bound to opt for this, no other option is left. Thus, in this war of viruses, social media is playing its paramount role in running the small as well as large scale business.

Customers and entrepreneurs, Now real-time data analysis is available

By selling and promoting your products, in addition to the awareness campaign, it is very easy to get real-time data analysis rather than recording sales through conventional marketing methods. Things are automated; in Facebook campaigns and twitter ads; entrepreneurs, companies, and businesses can watch real-time sales, record them, and export them into their desired formats. This helps the marketers to make a proper decision and highly target business audiences. Add to this; they can also set their daily budget and calculate the ROI in real-time. Furthermore, this has realized that social media requires less labor work in marketing things online.

Epik Funnel – a social media marketing agency, has launched many affordable; packages for small, medium, and large scale businesses and vows to deliver optimized services in COVID-19. After getting real-time data, most of the businesses are able to survive at a better position. So, again social media proves itself in generating more business even in this dwindling economy and COVID-19 war.

Consumption habits of Pakistani people are changing

Add to this, it is also observed that consumption habits are also being changed not only in the region of Pakistan but also around the world. People are only buying what they need for their survival. All luxurious shopping is declined, and people have only a social media platform to buy. Social media power has been shown through advertisement and satisfactory online purchasing in Pakistan. Around 20% domestic and other things are advertised online, and there is a gap of 80%. The unfortunate increase of COVID-19 is covering this 80%, and almost all the businesses would shift online soon. So, social media has the power to sell online. Now, success depends upon the social media marketing agency, how they are providing satisfactory services.

Challenge for the conventional marketers

COVID-19 has raised a wall of challenges for the conventional marketer and digital marketer. Crossing this wall is only possible by shifting to the social media and digital ways to sell. Everybody knows, there is social distance and global lockdown, but even after coronavirus people would be more careful about the social distance, conventional marketers would be in trouble. Simple challenges are listed here;

  • Lack of demand
  • No traffic for the billboards – as roads are empty
  • Social moving and transportation is lockdown

Only everyday things are being sold

Social media platforms can sell anything, but only everyday items sellers have started their online campaigns in Pakistan. Main reason behind this is the lack of expert media marketing agencies in Pakistan.

Social media home delivery campaigns are being launched

Advertisements on media and delivery at home both work side by side. Besides this, people agree to buy online, but they want free home delivery for the products and services. And food, retail and manufacturing businesses are able to provide things at home. FoodPanda app, this is the best example in front of us, they are delivering not only food items but also retail products.

Serving the right advertisement message through social media

Advertisement in the right way, and it is a way to deliver the right message to the target audience. Only good social media marketing agencies in Pakistan are able to do so. The main reason behind this, the lack of social media training institutes in the past. Still, there are opportunities for the Pakistani’s to learn online socialism and grow even in the worst situation.

So, in this time of urgency, small and large scale businesses can get the social media services and run their business smoothly. In this way, they might have to bear less loss as compared to others.

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