• March 10, 2024

Don’t forget to visit these places in Dubai

You are visiting Dubai in the next holidays, Dubai tallest buildings, mammoth aquariums and underwater dives. Yes, these are awesome and should be part of your trip. These are the places that you should not forget to plan on your trip. Remember, for a trip to Dubai; you only need a visa, tickets, apartments in Dubai, conveyance and a parking space on rent in Dubai. By arranging all these things, you would have the best journey of life. That is just a few days away from you. Here is the list of the things that you should visit this time.

  1. Scuba diving
  2. Burj e Khalifa
  3. Dubai Desert safari
  4. Dubai Dolphinarium
  5. Ferrari world
  6. Dubai miracle garden

Scuba diving in Dubai:

This is a place in Dubai, where you can start the Scuba dive. This is done under the supervision and guidance of the experts and trained Scuba divers. You visit the deep sea and analyze nature under the water. Moreover, it is an amazing journey and will help you in satisfying and relaxing the stress. In addition to this, Scuba diving improves the power of concentration as well. There are buses that pick you from a point and depart you to the site of Scuba diving. This is a journey when you have booked through an agent. Yes, it has tickets and booking. If you have not booked yet, you need your own transport and a parking space on rent in Dubai and tickets. All the new divers are advised and aware of the tools used in diving. All the divers are guided in the best way, and they become familiar first, its facts, basics and all things practically. In addition to this, fish feeding and underwater breathing facilities are also offered here.

Burj e Khalifa

Tallest building in the world, with 57 elevators, and a set of 8 escalators. People visit this and enjoy the heights of the buildings. It is ostentatiously interior building in Dubai. It is named first, Burj Dubai and it was inaugurated in 2010. It has multiple floors, and you need a ticket to visit the top floors. One needs a testimony for visiting the top floor and exorbitant rates of tickets.

Dubai Desert Safari

As the name shows, the right place in the desert for you. It included the BBQ as well. This is an amazing journey in Dubai; this is an adventurous one. You can explore the desert and enjoy a life in the desert. It will create a lot of moments with your friends and family members. It is the real return of your money. So, you don’t forget to visit this.

Dubai Dolphinarium

It is a show of dolphins and birds. It has intelligent dolphins and mammals. This is the most entertaining show in Dubai. This show entails the  dancing of dolphins and seals, and looks like the most amazing show in Dubai. The dolphinarium is situated in 54000 square foot. It also includes the parrots, and this is the fully air-conditioned place for the mammals and visitors. It is a 45-minute show, and people love it there. So, this is a place that you should visit during the Dubai trip.

Ferrari World

It is a kids place, the biggest park in Dubai. It is famous for indoor activities, and You can visit the park alone or with the kids. A lot of Ferraris are waiting for you; you can ride Ferraris with the champion experts. So, kids enjoy a lot there, and you can also ride with the kids. A large number of rides are waiting for you and kids; you can do anything with the Ferrari here.

Dubai Miracle garden

It is the best place in Dubai for nature lovers. Persons who like nature should place this garden at the top of the list. More than 1.5 million flowers are planted in it. Visiting this garden just relaxing you, and enhancing the inner power. A very pleasant place in Dubai, where everyone enjoys and loves. It is also the world’s biggest flower park, and the strangest thing about this is the placement in the dessert. In this park, there are many statues, cars, animals and buildings. You can even change the shapes of the flowers and draw different models. This is miraculous for everyone, and you should visit this during your trip.

There are limitless places in Dubai, but you need a few basic things for survival and ease in Dubai. These are again, an apartment, conveyance and parking space on rent in Dubai.








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